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Private Pilot Licence – Navigation

Okay, navigation is one of the most difficult parts during the training – theoretically and practically. On the theoretical part you might struggle with abbreviations like QDM, QTE and QUJ. On the other side, in one of the first practical lessons I have learned that from top, everything looks similar (at least in the beginning).… Read More »

Information about Flight Accidents

As a pilot your are always trying to improve your skills. Therefore it is always good to get reports on flight accidents, causes and possible failures. I actually like the Aviation Herald [1] quite much since it provides always the latest issues/incidents with quite good reports. Another quite good page is the Aviation Safety Network… Read More »

Aero Club Trip – Regio Emillia

Within my pilot training, I had the exceptional chance to join the Pilotenclub Wien [1] club-trip to Italy. It took place from the 4th to the 7th of July 2015. This was actually possible, since my pilot trainer joined and agreed to fly with me there. Preparation Everybody is thinking about flying as the freedom… Read More »

Private Pilot Licence – Final Exam

Time has passed quickly. Not a year ago I started with theoretical and practical training for the Private Pilot Licence – and a few weeks ago I finally finished. So what has happened after the theoretical exam [1]. A lot – In a nutshell: Finish solo cross country flights Language Proficiency Check Progress Check D Final… Read More »

Private Pilot Licence – Theoretical Exam

After finishing all the classroom training and the subject related test after each session, you are basically allowed to do the theoretical exam after a overall pre-test in your flight school.The theoretical part is basically separated from the practical, wherby it should be noted that you need to have the theoretical exam, befor going to… Read More »

Private Pilot Licence – Radio Check

While progressing on my practical trainings, I also managed to do my radio-check. In Austria it is mandatory to do a radio check, which is held by an official government institution. It is differentiated between: AFZ – Allgemeines Funkzeugnis EFZ – Eingeschränktes Funkzeugnis BFZ – Binnen Funkzeugnis From what I understood, the Austrian BFZ is… Read More »

Private Pilot Licence – 1st Progress Check

Some time has passed again – and actually, I managed to do some practical lessons. Basically I have been on vacation during Christmas, but on the 22nd I’ve been back to Vienna for some radio training. The good thing was that I have been able to combine it with some practical training. Due to a… Read More »

Private Pilot Licence – Year End

Some time has past since my last post. Actually, since the winter whether in Austria was not that fine, I did not had that many practical sessions as I planned to have. On the other side, the theoretical courses are nearly over, and I think it is time no to focus on learning all the… Read More »

Private Pilot Licence – First Practical Session

On Sunday 2014/09/28 I’ve had my first practical flight lesson. The day started with a ride to LOAV with perfect weather conditions as you can see: Blue sky, no clouds and just a perfect view. Arriving in LOAV, I have met my flight trainier and we immediately went through the flight preparation, consisting of the… Read More »

Private Pilot Licence – Air Law

After finishing aerodynamics last week [1], this week we had 8 hours of air law classroom training. Sounds quite boring and though, but was actually very interesting. Having a good lector, which is able to handle all kind of stupid questions we asked, the classroom training was really instructive. The main lesson I’ve learned today… Read More »