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Block SSH Brute Force Attacks

I already advised in one of my previous post [1] to disable the root log-in on your Linux host. Neither the less, sometimes – somebody will try to attack you with an SSH Brute Force Attack. For those who are not familiar with brute force attacks, these are attacks, where all possible passwords are tested [2].… Read More »

Howto get BOINC running on a Linux Server

I’ve always been a fan of scientific projects, I’d also like to support and help. For a long time I am a supporter of the Seti@home project. Therefore I will set-up my server to do some processing, since it is idling most of the time. So let us install the boinc client first. Under Ubuntu… Read More »

Step 1: Setting up the C/C++ enviroment

Ok, so going forward with C or C++, the compiler of my choice is definitely the GNU Compiler Collection – short GCC. It is free and available across several platforms, including Microsoft Windows Operating System. But since developing under Linux (in my case Ubutu) simply makes more fun, this article will cover how to install… Read More »

Ajaxterm – ssh access via the web-browser

Quite often I am trying to access my Linux box remotely. Unfortunately most of the time for security reasons port 22 (SSH) is closed, leaving you disconnected from your home. Facing this issue, combined with my recent idea to get back to software development, its time to remove those boundary – lets install ajaxterm to get… Read More »

Personal (Software) Development: Hello World!

A few years ago, when I was kind of independent from earning money and preserving my standard of living, I was very much into C/C++ programming. Ok, being honest – I still had to earn some money, but just to afford my studies. At my best times I initiated and also successfully implemented a few… Read More »

Compact C Coding Contest @ 21st Chaos Communication Congress

I’ve been just wallowing in memories and stumbled over the results of the Compact C Coding Contest of the 21st Chaos Communication Congress, where I participated. Unfortunately I forgot to take care about the exit-code, so I wasn’t able to make it to the top (to be honest – to the top 20) [2]. Based… Read More »