Misused applications

By | 2014/02/11

Misusing application can also be understood as a kind of hacking – done in a proper and elite way. But what I have experienced today cannot be expressed in words, cannot be seen as hacking and definitely not as an elite.

Working in an international IT division of a bank a colleague of mine has asked me to review a text, prepared for an internal newsletter. As I am happy to help I’ve asked him to forward me the document, whereby I received a Powerpoint Presentation.

A little surprised I’ve opened up the presentation and what I saw shocked me! A whole document, with one single picture in between has been forced into the Powerpoint document. After asking my colleague what he has done, he has actually told me that he does not know how to integrate a picture into a Word document. So the logical consequence for him was to put convert a Powerpoint into a Document, by setting the format to A4 and putting hundreds of text-boxes into it. Incredible! And actually this colleague is claiming to have 20 years of experience in Banking IT. I am not sure if he has ever seen an PC…

Sorry I am neither a friend of Powerpoint nor of Word, but at least please try to use the application for which they have been designed for! If you are unsure – get professional help in advance!


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