Howto get BOINC running on a Linux Server

By | 2014/06/11

I’ve always been a fan of scientific projects, I’d also like to support and help. For a long time I am a supporter of the Seti@home project. Therefore I will set-up my server to do some processing, since it is idling most of the time.

So let us install the boinc client first. Under Ubuntu it is as simple:

root@jvr:~# apt-get install boinc boinc-client

Ok, now we have the client installed, but of course, it doesn’t start operating automatically. Actually technically wrong, the client runs as a server process, but no project is attached.

So to attach a project you can use the command line tool boinccmd [2], with the URL of the project and the account key:

root@jvr:~# boinccmd --project_attach d33ad5ca2e17af1d08c85268aabb4ae5

For a list of available BOINC projects, please check [3]. Since after a reboot the BOINC client will not remember the atttached projects we should add it permanentley.

Therefore I created in /etc/boinc-client/ a file called  with the following content:


This setting I basically took from Account Key Settings page from the Seti@Home project, which can be found under [4].


[1] Seti@Home

[2] Boinccmd tool wiki

[3] BOINC Project List

[4] Seti@Home Account Keys

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