Private Pilot Licence – The take-off

By | 2014/09/11

A long childhood dream is finally coming to truth. After back and forth I finally took the decision to do the private pilot licence. Since I am living in Vienna, the decision was clear for me to do it somewhere close by. So first of all I meet a friend of a friend (what a cliche) who was in the middle of the course and gave me some first insights. At this point I would like to refer to his blog, which is very good: [3].
Then after some time has passed I made up a meeting with a flight trainer from Pilotenclub Wien [1], which informed me about all requirements, processes and costs.

So main points from this discussion I picked up has been:

  • It is required to do a proper medial check (Medical Class 2).
  • The course is split up in a theoretical part and a practical part, whereby they are independent from each other. Only for the practical course you have to complete the first three lessons of the theoretical course.
  • The theoretical course takes around 120 classroom hours and is split into various topic areas. For the final exam you have to do an internal pre-test.
  • For the practical training your have to decide for a plane as well as for 2 trainers, whereby the trainers can be changed within the course. For the machine, it might be possible to change once, but definitely not more often. The training itself is also split up into 4 stages.

After that I decided to sign up for the membership in Pilotenclub Wien [1] and additionally I signed up for the course, which organised by [2] but actually held by MFU Wien [4]. It should be noted that is a cooperation between 3 pilot clubs to bundle their resources.

So then followed by one month of waiting, last weekend my course finally started. Saturdays from 09:00 to 18:00 – learning like in the old days!


We started off with an introduction into the training itself, a short overview about each topic area followed by the first big chapter: general aviation, where all kind of parts of an aeroplane are described. A first highlight has been the sit-in during lunch-time, where we could sit into all kind of machines which are available for the practical training.

After finishing a long hard day, I am already looking forward for next weeks class. And to be honest – the most forward looking classroom training is the third one, since after that I can start with the practical lessons!

[1] Pilotenclub Wien


[3] WB8 Flugschülerblog

[4] MFU Wien

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