Private Pilot Licence – Aerodynamics

By | 2014/09/18

2014-09-13 17.09.11So, second session – aerodynamics. In a nutshell: theoretical, mathematical and most of all very interesting. I mean, did you know that a plane is flying only by a 0.6% difference in air pressure between the lower and the upper part of the wing?

Furthermore did you know that the perfect aerodynamic body has an circle as form. This also refutes the common myth that you need this well known aerodynamic form, where two particles, which enters the form at the beginning, will meet at the end again. No, a plane is flying because it is sucked up into the air! NASA has explained this myths in detail, as you can read on [1],[2],[3].

If you think that aerodynamics is just applied science, then have a look on the Navier-Stokes equations [4] which are relevant for aerodynamics. Its one of the Millenium problems worth 1 Mio USD if you manage to  resolve this problem.

[1] NASA, Incorrect Lift Theory 1

[2] NASA, Incorrect Lift Theory 2

[3] NASA, Incorrect Lift Theory 3

 [4], Wikipedia, Navier–Stokes equations

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