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By | 2014/09/27

After finishing aerodynamics last week [1], this week we had 8 hours of air law classroom training. Sounds quite boring and though, but was actually very interesting. Having a good lector, which is able to handle all kind of stupid questions we asked, the classroom training was really instructive.

The main lesson I’ve learned today is that the german song “Über den Wolken” from Reinhard Mey [2] where he is singing that the freedom is endless beyond the clouds is not true at all.

2014-09-27 21.32.05


There are 7 types of airspace classes named A to G, whereby G is the one with the lowest class and A the highest [3]. Giving this classification, Austria has actually quite a lot of restrictions, especially in the area around Vienna. I guess if you compare it to other countries, Austria might be an exceptional case, as in many other topics as well.

Beside the airspace classes there are dozens of other topics you have to keep in mind when flying a plane. Regulations on the ground, regulations in regards to communication, requirements in regards to documentations. Much to much to take everything in this blog entry.  A good information source in regards to rules and regulation of the air law seems to be the website of Austro Control [4] and [5].

With all the rules and regulations, the authorities and the need to put a lot of information into small maps, I felt that we learned 1000 acronyms, and I am sure that 1000 more will come. To sum it up the classroom training is exciting, interesting and very informative. The more we have the more I get the feeling that this is really required.

Beside the classroom training today, I have bought some equipment in the pilot-store [6] at LOAV [7] for my first practical flight lesson tomorrow: a pilot kneeboard, a pilot logbook and a headset. On the pilot kneeboard I took the recommendation of our teacher, that a small one should actually be sufficient enough. The pilot logbook had to be Part FCL compliant. For the headset I have to say that I searched through the internet before and I thought about buying a classical David Clark headset. But after trying several headsets I decided for the Sennheiser S1 Passive, which I found most comfortable. Passive since I was not willing to spend more than EUR 1000. Furthermore I think as a hobby pilot a passive one should be sufficient enough.

2014-09-27 21.30.26

So now I am ready and looking forward for tomorrow.


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[6] Watschinger PilotStore

[7] Flugplatz Vöslau – Kottingbrunn


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