Private Pilot Licence – First Practical Session

By | 2014/09/30

On Sunday 2014/09/28 I’ve had my first practical flight lesson. The day started with a ride to LOAV with perfect weather conditions as you can see: Blue sky, no clouds and just a perfect view.

2014-09-28 08.44.05

Arriving in LOAV, I have met my flight trainier and we immediately went through the flight preparation, consisting of the following main steps:

  • Check of airplane documents are complete and all required documents are still valid.
  • Weight and Balance to calculate the amount of gasoline we can take with us.
  • Print the flight map of LOAV for an orientation.

2014-09-28 19.19.12

Then we went to the hangar to take out the plane and start with the pre-flight checks. Checks in general are required – and important – all the time. So if I remember correctly there are the following additional checks/procedures before take-off:

  • Before-engine start checks
  • Engine start
  • Taxiing
  • Motor run-up
  • pre take-off check
  • take-off

After filling up the tank, we had a short minute to take a picture of myself in front of the plane.

2014-09-28 10.07.01

Then finally lift-off. We flew around an hour where we first climbed up to 6000 feet. This was followed by the first manoeuvres – curves. It is actually not that easy to hold the speed, the attitude or doing a 360° circle. Steering the plane while watching all the instrument is quite a lot for the beginning. But neither the less I really enjoyed my first flight.

I am already looking forward for my next session.

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