Private Pilot Licence – 1st Progress Check

By | 2015/01/12

Some time has passed again – and actually, I managed to do some practical lessons. Basically I have been on vacation during Christmas, but on the 22nd I’ve been back to Vienna for some radio training. The good thing was that I have been able to combine it with some practical training.

Due to a lot of gusts, we have been doing some circuit training with the DV20. If you like to know more in regards to the circuit training, there is a quite good description on [1]. We managed to perform overall 6 landings. While getting closer to the ground during the landing, the conditions have been quite fine – but after taking off again, it got quite bumpy. In the end I’ve been happy that I didn’t have any lunch before. Neither the less it was a great experience and I enjoyed it.

Relaxed I’ve gone back to Styria and enjoyed the Christmas days. At Christmas I was surprised by my girlfriend with a superb flight bag – the Brightline B07 [2].

2015-01-04 10.16.40

I’ll have to say that this model is really great. It offers enough storage space for all your stuff (incl. the headset) and has some clever features. E.g. it is easily extendable and can be adopted according to your requirements. A small, but definitely notable feature for me is the sunglass compartment on the top.

Back in January, the weather was on my side, and I managed to take flight training on the 3th of January. It was my first flight with the Aquila A211 [3], which is a much more modern and comfortable airplane. In comparison to the Diamond Katana DV20, the plane is much more sensitive in the steering. Additionally, the nose is a bit higher, which results at beginner pilots into a constant decent if you try to hold the plane in a way to see the horizon. Furthermore, every half an hour you should switch the tank from one wing to another, since the two tanks in the wings are separated. But overall, the comfort, the modern equipment (e.g. glass cockpit) and the feeling definitely makes the plane much more simpatico to me than the DV20.

So we first flew around the area of Neunkirchen [4], where we did some basic turn maneuvers. Then we decided to head in direction Krems/Langenlois – LOAG [5]. On the way there I made the enclosed two pictures.

2015-01-03 12.33.022015-01-03 12.32.57

After the landing, I’ve paid the landing fees and within minutes we have been back in the air again. Flying back we once again did some basic turn maneuvers in the area of Neunkirchen, before we landed again in LOAV [6].

Going forward, I’ve had enough hours – and most important the ok from my flight trainer to do my first progress check. Intentionally planned on the 4th – I finally did the progess check  on the 6th of January, as once again the weather has forced us to reschedule. For the progess check, the following parts have been checked:

  • Flight Preparation
  • All kind of Ceck-Procedures, Check-Lists (e.g. Pre-Flight, Start, Take-off, Landing, …)
  • Taxi Check
  • Emergency Briefing
  • Take-off / Rotation Speed
  • Turn maneuvers (with holding height and speed)
  • Descend and climb with constant speed and leveling off
  • Power settings
  • Emergency procedures
  • Approach

It seems that I did everything right so far – therefore I got an ok to process to the second block, which is focused on Start- and Landing. Looking forward for my next training.

Happy flight & Cheers!


[1], Circuit Briefing

[2] Brightline Bags, B07 Flight

[3], Aquila A211

[4], Neunkirchen

[5] LOAG, Airfield Krems/Langenlois

[6] LOAV, Airfield Bad Vöslau


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