Private Pilot Licence – Radio Check

By | 2015/06/10

While progressing on my practical trainings, I also managed to do my radio-check. In Austria it is mandatory to do a radio check, which is held by an official government institution. It is differentiated between:

  • AFZ – Allgemeines Funkzeugnis
  • EFZ – Eingeschränktes Funkzeugnis
  • BFZ – Binnen Funkzeugnis

From what I understood, the Austrian BFZ is similar to the German BFZ I, while the Austrian EFZ is like the German BFZ II. Anyway, in regards to the test, it is split up into a theoretical part and a practical part. While doing the exam together with 4 more people, it starts with the practical part.

The practical part consists of:

  • Practical radio communication: The examiner is sitting in a separate room and goes through a whole flight with start, cruise and landing. Depending on the type of classification, the content might vary from “German only” to “German/English mixed” and “German/English with IFR topics”.
  • Translation exercise, for those who are doing the AFZ or the EFZ

After the practical part everybody has to leave to room, so that the examiners can consolidate internally. If you are able to pass the first section you are allowed to enter the room again to do the theoretical exam.

The theoretical exam (for the EFZ) consists of 3 parts:

  • Law (Recht)
  • Technical (Technik)
  • Special Provision (Sonderbestimmungen)

Each of those parts is consisting of 3-4 questions in a multiple-choice format. Overall 75% have to be correct. After being able to manage the question, in the end you will receive your certificate directly there.


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