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By | 2015/08/07

After finishing all the classroom training and the subject related test after each session, you are basically allowed to do the theoretical exam after a overall pre-test in your flight school.The theoretical part is basically separated from the practical, wherby it should be noted that you need to have the theoretical exam, befor going to the final practical exam.

Anyway after finishing all the classroom training, I’ve let some time pass to focus on the practical training. Fast progressing I noticed that I should follow up on the theoretical exam, as I was not interested to wait for my final practical exam, because I forgot about the other part.

Having the scripts and presentation provided by Aircademy [1], I thought it would be a good idea to buy and use their exam trainer. In the beginning the tool was a bit confusing – it requires pop-ups to be enabled, and don’t offer something like an overall exam mode. This means basically that you can do a test for each subject area separatley. From the look and feel it is more or less from the early 2000 years. Anyway – there is a big advantage with this tool: it is basically the same piece of software used for the theoretical exam at the Austro Control GmbH [2].

While you are able to download 75% of the official questions from the Austro Control GmbH Homepage [3], 25% of additional questions will be added on the exam itself. Having in mind that you need 75% correct in each subject, this sounds quite easy, but it should not be unterestimated. Especially since I have seen a few people on the exam, which have failed in some subjects. Also keep in mind that for each of the subjects you have 20min time-slot. Once this time has passed, the subject is closed – with all possible open questions.

Ok, so from the proceedure: once you get in contact with Austro Control GmbH via [2], they will assign you a date/time for your exam. You are allowed to take your navigation maps with you, a ruler and the aviation calculator. Also take some empty papers and and a pen – it might be helpful.

On the day of the exam you will be picked up on the entrance of Austro Control GmbH and guided to the examination room. Once you take place you will get a short introduction. Important to notice is that between each subject, you can take a break – but definitley not in between.

The subjects are as follows:

  • 10 – Airlaw
  • 20 – Human Performance
  • 30 – Meteorology
  • 50 – Principles of Flight
  • 60 – Operational Procedures
  • 70 – Flight Performance and Planing
  • 80 – Aircraft General Knowledge
  • 90 – Navigation

Overall it took me around 3 hours to finish the exam. Immediatly after a short break you will get back the results. It should be noted that if you are not able to pass in one subject, your whole exam does not have to be redone. Only those subjects, which you have not passed.

Once you have done the exam and feeling relieved from the burdon, you will get the invoice from Austro Control GmbH within the next few days. For those who are interested – I paid EUR 116,40.

Happy Landings!

[1] Aircedemy – Learning at a higher level

[2] Austro Control GmbH, Pilot Licences

[3] Austro Control GmbH, PPL Exam Questions

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