Private Pilot Licence – Final Exam

By | 2015/10/13

Time has passed quickly. Not a year ago I started with theoretical and practical training for the Private Pilot Licence – and a few weeks ago I finally finished.

So what has happened after the theoretical exam [1]. A lot – In a nutshell:

  • Finish solo cross country flights
  • Language Proficiency Check
  • Progress Check D
  • Final Exam
  • Bureaucracy

So first of all I had to finish my cross-country flights to ensure that I fulfilled the criteria for the Progress Check D. While doing the triangular flight between Bad Vöslau (LOAV), Krems (LOAG) and Punitz (LOGG), it did my further cross country flights to:

  • Spitzerberg (LOAS)
  • Stockerau (LOAU)
  • Seitenstätten (LOLT)

Doing my Radio Check in English language, does not automatically allow you to do the radio communication in foreign countries. This requires an additional Language Proficiency Check. This is basically done under the audience of an examiner on the computer. This include basic english conversation talk, as well as technical terms and radio communication in english. Depending on your skills you might reach a level up to 6 (which is more or less native speaker). This is automatically forwarded to the Austro Control and once you pick up your licence, the language proficiency level is noted in your licence.

So having the according hours and the language test – I was ready for the Progress Check D. I did the check flight to Krems (LOAG), whereby we did some emergency practices in between. Overall no big issue, except that we had wind with over 40 knots, which was quite a experience on the landing in Bad Vöslau.

Having all together and after doing some paper-work I was ready for the final exam. After a short briefing I filed a flight plan to Stockerau through the Control Zone Vienna. Basically the flight was starting in Bad Vöslau – entering the Control Zone Vienna over Sector Sierra. Once the controller of Wien Schwechat approved it, we crossed the landing field of Wien Schwechat and went further along the Danube through Vienna until Klosterneuburg. There we have been handed back to Wien Information and continued the flight to Stockerau. The exact route was as follows:


Short break in Stockerau, and then we went back to Bad Vöslau over Klosterneuburg and Wienerwald See. In betwenn we did all kind of emergency procedures.


On the landing we did a flapless and a signal landing. After overall 2hours it was done. Handshake and I really felt released!


A few days later I went with all papers, my flight log, my radio check licence and my medical to Austro Control to request the private pilot licence. And after 2 days, it arrived via mail. Yes!! The shocking part – the handout of the licence was quite expensive (around 580 EUR). But at this point you don’t want to turn back.

And what now? Flying, flying and flying to get experience. Beginning of next year I consider an introduction to a 4 seater – but I will keep you updated.

[1], Private Pilot Licence – Theoretical Exam

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