Windows 10 and SSD ending up in disk error

By | 2016/12/05

To speed up my PC, I decided to buy & install a SSD hard disc. As I have a Windows 10 with plenty of applications and data running I thought about a migration via a disc clone.

Therefore, I first cleaned up my “old” hard disc. I de-installed software I haven’t used for years and removed data, which I have stored already on my personal server or saved within a backup somewhere.

For the next step, I opened the computer management and switched to the storage management. There I reduced the volume size of the actual hard drive. It should be basically less than the capacity of the new drive.

The next step was to clone my disc to the new SSD. There are plenty of tools available in the internet, which can do this. The only thing you really need is: time. Cloning takes some time as the blocks are moved 1:1 from one disc to another.

After letting the clone process run over night, I shut down my PC and de-plugged the old drive. Connecting the new SSD on restarted with the new disk I expected a superfast boot.

But unfortunately: DISK ERROR!

So back and forth, same procedure again didn’t fix anything. After spending several hours, I decided for clean installation of Windows 10. In the end of the installation follows a reboot and again: DISK ERROR!

Sometimes the solution might be so easy. The issue was already on the BIOS side. If you install a SSD you must ensure to switch the SATA controller from Native IDE to AHCI. So, check you BIOS and switch from:




Once this was done, I did one more installation of Windows 10 – and finally it booted.


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