DDOS protection

By | 2017/12/07

Did you ever wondered what cloudflare [1] is? It is basically an protection against Distributed Denial of Service attack [2], where your server is attacked via a massive flood of incoming traffic, trying to overload your server.

But there is an easy and cost saving way to protect your server – of course if you are running it on Linux. Simply check DDoS Deflate from github [3]. After installing, the script checks frequently your incoming traffic. Once an IP address generates a critial mass of incoming traffic attempts, the IP address is blocked.

Just consider that you might want to whitelist certain IP addresses or domains – for that check the manual.

Update 2017/12/12:

After installing DDoS Deflate [3] on jvr.at, the impact can be seen on the statistics of the website. No more peak pointing out a DoS attack since beginning of December.



[1] Cloudflare.com

[2] Wikipedia, Denial of Service Attack

[3] Github, DDoS Deflate


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