Publications & Presentations

Disclaimer: please note that the enclosed list of publications and presentations have been mostly done with an academic background, but does not represent scientific publications due to missing formal publishing!

[1] Jürgen Viktor Repolusk/Richard Springle, Datamining mit Machine Learning Framework, 2003

[2] Jürgen Viktor Repolusk, Buffer Overflow Attacks, 2005

[3] Jürgen Viktor Repolusk/Richard Springle, Grundlagen der Physik für Informatiker, 2005

[4] Jürgen Viktor Repolusk, LINUX Tutorial, 2006

[5] Jürgen Viktor Repolusk, Service-oriented Design of a Treasury Management System, 2009

[6] Jürgen Viktor Repolusk, Correlation of Banking Key Performance Indicators – a case study based on the European Banking Environment, 2012


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