Grown-up on the most beautiful countryside of Austria – Styria, I always had an affinity to electronics and computers. Receiving my first computer, an Amiga 500, in the age of 10 years, I started early digging down the rabbit whole.

My first contact with Linux was in 1999, when Kernel 2.2.5 was released. I managed to screw up my computer completely, based on a free give-away SuSE Linux 6.1 installation CD. The really bad thing was just that I should have handed over some construction drawings for school the next day, which was sacrificed. I thought I know how to handle a PC, but this issue had taught me two lessons – know you operating system and do backups!

The backup-thing I learned quickly, while the operating system took a bit longer. Fortunately it was the kick I needed to decide to study computer sciences. After years of pain and joy, I managed to get a bachelor degree in technical computer science and a master in software engineering & internet computing, while working full-time. Always linked to my roots and my first experiences with Linux systems, the university gave me the opportunity to strengthen my skills in this area – focusing on Linux, C/C++ programming and IT Security.

Seeking to get a better business understanding in the area I am working in (banking & finance), I decided to do an additional master degree in “European Economics and Business Management”, which I have to say was very eye-opening in understanding economical relationships and management topics.

And here we are in the present time, having done two completely different studies, having a solid job, still being attracted by Linux and the OpenSource Community, and always searching for new challenges!

For completion, enclosed you will find links to my profiles on social business networks:

[1] Xing.com

[2] Linkedin.com


Mail: jvr[at]jvr.at

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