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Information about Flight Accidents

As a pilot your are always trying to improve your skills. Therefore it is always good to get reports on flight accidents, causes and possible failures. I actually like the Aviation Herald [1] quite much since it provides always the latest issues/incidents with quite good reports. Another quite good page is the Aviation Safety Network… Read More »

Private Pilot Licence – Aerodynamics

So, second session – aerodynamics. In a nutshell: theoretical, mathematical and most of all very interesting. I mean, did you know that a plane is flying only by a 0.6% difference in air pressure between the lower and the upper part of the wing? Furthermore did you know that the perfect aerodynamic body has an… Read More »

Private Pilot Licence – The take-off

A long childhood dream is finally coming to truth. After back and forth I finally took the decision to do the private pilot licence. Since I am living in Vienna, the decision was clear for me to do it somewhere close by. So first of all I meet a friend of a friend (what a… Read More »