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Server Migration Guide

I’ve recently did a hardware migration for a 24/5 trading system. After a successful go-live and one week without any major incidents, I  think it would be a good topic to share. Beside the standard things (e.g. project management related topics) you have to do I would like to sum up some points which might me… Read More »

Howto get BOINC running on a Linux Server

I’ve always been a fan of scientific projects, I’d also like to support and help. For a long time I am a supporter of the Seti@home project. Therefore I will set-up my server to do some processing, since it is idling most of the time. So let us install the boinc client first. Under Ubuntu… Read More »

Howto set-up your own cloud with Seafile

Based on all the NSA sniffing and the recent article about who provides whom which information [1] I decided to set-up my own cloud on my private server. And actually – it was surprisingly easy! Searching around the internet seafile [2] seemed to be the most appropriate solution, since it is open-source, provides a nice… Read More »

Basic security for Linux hosts

After reading Cuckoo’s egg from Clifford Stoll [1] I got a bit unsure if my Linux server is basically set-up secure enough. Even if the story about the hacker is quite old, it is neither the less highlighting the importance for security and to be careful enough when connecting a machine to the net. Additionally… Read More »

Extract a XML tag with Oracle SQL

Have you ever been struggling with an Oracle Database which stores XML values within a VARCHAR2 or CLOB field? Needed to do an evaluation where one specific tag was required? I had to deal with this problem recently and it turned out not to be as hard as expected. Oracle has build-in XML functionality, which… Read More »

Book Review: The Cuckoo’s Egg

Clifford Stoll’s The Cockoo’s Egg [1] was written in 1989 and is based on a real-life hacker story. The story itself starts with the introduction how Clifford, as an astronomer, who got captured by the mainframes of Lawrence Berkeley Lab as an administrator. On of his first tasks was to figure out a glitch in… Read More »

Ajaxterm – ssh access via the web-browser

Quite often I am trying to access my Linux box remotely. Unfortunately most of the time for security reasons port 22 (SSH) is closed, leaving you disconnected from your home. Facing this issue, combined with my recent idea to get back to software development, its time to remove those boundary – lets install ajaxterm to get… Read More »